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Imitation wood Xilema stoneware from Cisa

Tile has never looked like wood so much! Today, you can see examples of new imitation wood Xilema stoneware. The Cisa factory has created a special collection using the latest tile production technologies.

Керамогранит Cisa Xilema Castanio

The printing was carried out using state of the art printers that truly translate the color and texture of wood. Those, who are very observant, can see on the surface this floor the tracks of a plane because Xilema tile has a special structured surface. Just like if you install parquet floors, using this tile, you will not find two pieces that are the same.
Керамогранит Cisa Xilema Larice (Лиственница)

Xilema comes in 5 colors and imitates 5 species of wood - Larch, Chestnut, Cherry, Oak and Wenge (Larice, Castagno, Wenge, Ciliegio, Frassino). Available sizes are 20x80 and 13x80 and you can either install them separately, or mix them up.

Керамогранит cisa xilema Whenge

Xilema stoneware is great for designer projects, as well as home interior. Xilema was first introduced to the Russian market in April at the MosBuild exhibition and will be available for sale this summer.

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