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Ventagli d'amore - a new collection from Bardelli

An Italian designer Davide Pizzigone created a new décor collection for Bardelli factory. The collection has a proud name Ventagli D'amore - "Fans of Love”. These double-fired tiles are produced in 40x40 cm size and have a shiny surface. The collection contains 6 decors – 6 fans of different shades.

Интерьер с плиткой bardelli

Веера любви - Ventagli d'Amore Bardelli

Ventagli damore - плитка Bardelli

The factory is presenting the collection in the following manner: “Water, fire earth. We know that these three vital elements are at the basis of any ceramic product. This collection is devoted to the fourth element – a tool that can compete for lightness with the help of air. These fans, with their sturdy folds, adorned with exquisite images of small animals, flowers, leaves, and fruits are spinning, as if caught in a mischievous whirlwind that is lifting and stirring them, leaving them, eventually, in a darling mess. Many glances were cast in not-so-distant past from behind the veil of such fans. Lots of encrypted messages were transmitted using the fan language  - closing and opening them, lightly touching the cheeks, forehead or lips, endlessly shifting them from on hand to another, and gracefully, yet deliberately gliding darling little fingers along their edges! "

Новая коллекция плитки Bardelli

Ceramiche Bardelli - фотографии новой коллекции плитки в интерьере

Плитка Ceramiche Bardelli Ventagli Damore

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