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Woodays - new imitation wood tile from Tagina

Italian factory Tagina has created a new imitation wood collection that is made of stoneware with the use of digital printing. For the finished product to look like true wood, the factory photographed several tree species in a very high resolution, chose the 20 that seemed the most interesting and printed them on the surface of stoneware.

Woodays Castagno medio Каштан Tagina
Castagno Medio

This collection emphasizes decors; for example, there are several 'rug' panels that can be installed in the center of the room for decoration. The factory's designers say that they tried to repeat the environment of Versailles.

The collection has 7 sizes, 4 with regular sides that come in sizes of 61x92 cm, 20x92 cm, 15x92 cm, 10x92 cm, and 3 with rectified sides (cut in a 90 degree angle): 20x90 cm, 15x90 cm, 10x90 cm. Additionally, there are 3 types of mosaic, baseboards and steps and 2 types of panels.

Плитка Woodays Tagina

The Woody collection comes in seven colors: larice biondo, castagne medio, sicomoro grigio, anice stellato, noceб faggio rosato and rovere decapoto

Tagina Woodays - итальянская плитка под дерево

The tile thickness is 12 mm.

Керамогранит под дерево Tagina Woodays

Besides 'rugs' you can also use insertions in the middle of the floor.

Плитка под дерево в интерьере

This tile will be quite suitable for a classic interior.

Конская голова и плитка под дерево. Tagina итальянский дизайн

The color most emphasized by the manufacturer is castagno medio, though you shouldn't forget about the other 6.

Faggio rosato Woodays Tagina
Faggio rosato
Noce Woodays Tagina. Плитка под дерево итальянская
Larice biondo Woodays Tagina плитка под дерево
Larice biondo
Rovere decapato Woodays Tagina. новинка итальянской плитки в интерьере
Rovere decapato
Woodays sicomoro grigio Tagina. Плитка под дерево дома
Sicomoro grigio
Tagina Woodays anice stellato новинка плитки
Anice stellato

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