Cevisama 2013 review

We now have the data about all visitors of Cevisama 2013 exhibition. We would like to point out that this year there were more international visitors than last - the event was visited by more than 12 300 specialists from abroad, a number that formed 20% of all the visitors of the exhibition.

Unfortunately, there is nothing else to be proud of this year. In total numbers the amount of international visitors actually went down:12 880 last year compared to 12 323 this year - a 4% decline.

The total number of visitors also declined: 61 527 this year and 71 540 last year - a 14% decline. As pointed out by the director of Cevisama - Carmen Álvarez - we need to take into consideration the necessity for companies to cut down on expenses by lowering the number of representatives at exhibitions.

As far as the international composition of the exhibit, we can say the following: most visitors (54.8%) were from Europe, with most of these being from Italy, France, Great Britain, Portugal and Germany. There were also a lot of visitors from Russia and North Africa. Almost 15% came from the African continent, especially from Marocco, Algiers, Egypt and Tunisia. Many were from Asian countries as well as from Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, Iran and United Arab Emirates.

As far as the specialization of the exhibit's visitors, we can say that most of them were distributors, manufacturers, wholesale and retail sales representatives, as well as architects and interior designers.

The next Cevisama exhibition will be held in Valencia from February the 11th till February the 14th of 2014.

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