Porcelanite Dos 2200

The Spanish tile manufacturer Porcelanite Dos has released a new red clay tile collection which is proudfully called 2200.

Плитка Porcelanite Dos 2200 новая коллекция испанской плитки

The size of this tile is 22.5x67.5 and it comes in 7 colors: Siena, Pardo, Cafe, Lila, Ceniza, Blanco и Pizarra. As usual, Porcelanite Dos offers many different decors to its collection - the various types of the decors for this collection are all the same size as the tile.

Декоры в коллекции Porcelanite Dos 2200. Новинка

Additionally, 4 of the colors (Blanco, Pizarra, Cafe и Lila) are offered in 3 D.

Объемная плитка испания Porcelanite Dos 2200

Imitation wood tile or tile size 41x41 cm can be used as complementary floor tiling for this collection.

Каталог плитки Porcelanite Dos 2200

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