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Flexible Arquitecture - Philippe Starck tile for Sant' Agostino factory

Philippe Starck - the famous product designer - has created his first tile collection together with the Italian manufacturer Sant'Agostino.

Flexible Arquitecture Fhilippe Starсk дизайнерская плитка

The main idea of the collection is 3 dimensional tile. As intended by the designer, tile should be an instrument of creation of a new archictural philosophy and stop being just an aid to decoration, rather create space all by itself.

Филипп Старк дизайнерская плитка Sant Agostino

The size of this tile is 30х30 cm and it is made from white clay.

Филипп старк и интерьер плитки. Sant Agostino Flexible Arquitecture

Starck thinks that there is something magical about the fact that for so many millennia humans have been glazing clay: "this is a declaration of a deep love of a human to glay, Earth and the Universe", says the designer.

Керамогранит Филипп Старк Сантагостино

The collection comes in several basic colors - polished yellow, matte white and matte beige-brown; as well as several different forms -

- even 12 millimeter and 8 millimeter tick tile;

- 12 millimeter thick tile with one edge sunk in to be 8 millimeters;

- 8 millimeter tile with an edge that is 12 millemeters thick.

Варианты плитки от старка

The designer offeres you already created patterns of tile installation for your interior.

Варианты раскладки плитки от Старка

Укладка плитки от известного дизайнера. Philippe Stark для фабрики SantAgostino

The collection will soon come in new colors: black, yellow, blue and orange.

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