Tile in Russian Architecture. A photo review of the exhibition at Shusev National Museum of Architecture
21.04.2013 |
An exhibition named "Tile in Russian Architecture" was opened at the Shusev National Museum of Architecture on April 19th, showing most interesting pieces dated 17th to the 20th centuries. Among the exhibits, you can see a lion's head, made according to Vrubel's sketches, three decorative panels, created in the 1890's by the famous ceramic and faience products group of M.S. Kuznetsov, and much more. This is the first time that the Foundation of construction materials of Shusev National Museum of Architecture, which is very well known to specialists in the field, is exhibiting as an independent entity.
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TILELOOK is a new social network for ceramic tiles industry
19.09.2013 |
TILELOOK is a new network for this industry, an open platform where anyone who is interested in tiles, bathrooms or kitchens, can register and get a full range of the coolest products around. If like me, you are mostly interested in checking out the latest collections that the Spanish and Italian Manufactures will have on show at their booths, then it is most probable you will find these same products on TILELOOK already
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Why do we need street tile?
27.08.2012 |
Is street tile good or bad? Is it just an excuse to spend municipal money, or is it truly good for city planning? Today, we will show you a video from a Dutch town of Middelburg, where Maxim Katz shows several ways to use tile in order to improve city life.
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Cost of bathroom tile. Part 3. High quality ceramic tile
19.05.2013 |
The third part of our price review for wall tile. If you have started renovations, you like Spanish and Italian tile and you are trying to figure out how much the renovation of your bathroom will cost you, read the third part of this series.
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Mosaic Tile:  How to Pick, What to Look for at Purchase Time
17.09.2012 |
Mosaic tile is a true find - it doesn't cost much and makes your space look bigger. It can look just as good as real mosaic, but you have to know how to choose it. What should you pay attention to when choosing mosaic tile?
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The number of tiles per square meter. Area of a single tile
19.05.2013 |
Usually, tile is sold in square meters and to order it, all you have to know is the area of a room. But sometimes, you want to know exactly how many tiles you need for each square meter. What do you have to do to find out how many tiles there are in a square meter? Can you trust the math or can the amount of tiles in a square meter change?
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Red tile. A review of 20 most interesting tile collections for a red bathroom
20.02.2013 |
You can love or hate the color red but definitely cannot be indifferent to it. In color therapy it is considered that red promotes energy. What else can you wish for on an early winter morning in Russia? In this article we will talk about the twenty most interesting collections of red tile, in our opinion, starting with Italian and ending with Russian manufacturers. In this list anyone - despite budget or taste - can find something that they like.
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Kitchen backsplash design. Which tile is best?
29.02.2012 |
Ceramic tile is a practical, functional choice for a backsplash.It is easy to clean and resistant to water, chemicals and abrasive. But your choices are almost endless. Which tile to chose? What are the latest design trends?
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Floor tile sizes
23.03.2013 |
What size can a floor tile have? What size of porcelain stoneware can be found in our stores? What is the actual size of tile 30x30 cm? What tile sizes can be laid together? This article lists the most popular floor tile sizes found in Russia
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A service for independent creation of a tiling design project
24.03.2013 |
For some time now many tile stores have been offering its clients the service (whether free or not) of creating an interior design project using the type of tile chosen by the client. Now there is also a new service called SanViz allows you to create a design project for your bathroom all by yourself, without any outside help! In this article we will talk about how this service works, what are its capabilities, as well as strong and weak sides, and will give our prognosis on whether it will become popular among customers
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Bathroom design:  tile installation.  Vertical or horizontal installation?
27.03.2013 |
A common question usually arises during bathroom tile installation - vertical or horizontal? It's commonly thought that vertical installation creates the illusion of a higher ceiling, whereas horizontal installation makes the room appear wider. We decided to put this theory to a test with the help of Santa-Ceramics company, which gladly created the bathroom designs with the tile installations to test.
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Answers from Atlas Concorde to questions about ceramic tiles
28.03.2013 |
Answers from Italian factory Atlas Concorde to the most frequently asked questions about ceramic tile. What the inscriptions on tile boxes mean. How many years tiles can last. Why the better Italian tile is better. Why red tile is more expensive
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How much does bathroom tile cost. Part 2. Inexpensive imported tile
13.01.2012 |
Have you already read the first part of this article and know that the cheapest tile in stores around the country is made in Russia, or Belarus? Didn't find anything you liked? Would you like to know what you can count on if you pay just a bit more? If you decide to renovate your bathroom and want to figure out your budget, this article is for you.
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Different tile shades, or why it is dangerous to buy additional tiles 2 years later
18.03.2013 |
What can happen if you buy additional tiles sometime after making some repairs? How do tiles of different shades actually look? Looking on the box, how can you determine which tile you have inside? How can you correctly buy additional tiles to avoid mistakes? Read the answers to these questions on our new article and ask more questions
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What material should be used for a kitchen backsplash?  Types of backsplashes, comparisons, and overview of benefits and disadvantages
27.01.2012 |
What materials to use for a kitchen backsplash? Which of them are most practical and last longer? Which are most economical? What are the disadvantages and advantages of each type of backsplashes? If you are starting kitchen renovations and want to choose the best option for your kitchen backsplash, be sure to read this article.
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What is a tile caliber and why does it matter when buying tiles?
17.03.2013 |
Do you know that the declared size of tiles is often not the actual size? Are you being cheated at the store? Why should you pay attention to the caliber of the tiles when buying? How can you correctly combine tiles of different sizes? In order to know answers to these questions, read the article
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Answers from Atlas Concorde to questions about ceramic tiles, part 2
28.03.2013 |
Answers from Italian factory Atlas Concorde to the most frequently asked questions about ceramic tile. The weight of 1 square meter of tile. The tools used to cut and drill tiles. The reason why seams in the bathroom turn yellow. How to calculate the number of tiles needed for an installation. Why some tiles do not carry the factory's logo. What to do if the workers say that your tiles are defective
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Porcelain stoneware: how it is produced – a report from the factory
17.03.2013 |
Many of us have somehow or the other come across porcelain stoneware, but not all of us know what it is made of, and only a few have seen how it is produced. In this article, we will describe what porcelain stoneware is made of and illustrate its entire production process with photographs from factories – starting from preparation of raw materials to putting the finished products at the factory warehouse
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How to visually make a small space bigger. Designers' tricks that are  known to work
06.05.2010 |
Ways to visually enlarge a small room. Nearly every house has at least one small room that the owner would like to make larger. What do designers do in cases like these? Here are 20 tricks that visually enlarge any room
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High fashion in tile: designer tile from the world's leading couturier for true shopaholics
31.03.2011 |
If you really like famous fashion brands and can't live without your favorite labels, this article is for you . It turns out that many famous fashion houses don't just create clothes - Armani, Versace, Vivienne Westwood and many other designers also create great tile collections. What kind of tile should you choose for your home?
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