TILELOOK is a new social network for ceramic tiles industry
19.09.2013 |
TILELOOK is a new network for this industry, an open platform where anyone who is interested in tiles, bathrooms or kitchens, can register and get a full range of the coolest products around. If like me, you are mostly interested in checking out the latest collections that the Spanish and Italian Manufactures will have on show at their booths, then it is most probable you will find these same products on TILELOOK already
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A service for independent creation of a tiling design project
24.03.2013 |
For some time now many tile stores have been offering its clients the service (whether free or not) of creating an interior design project using the type of tile chosen by the client. Now there is also a new service called SanViz allows you to create a design project for your bathroom all by yourself, without any outside help! In this article we will talk about how this service works, what are its capabilities, as well as strong and weak sides, and will give our prognosis on whether it will become popular among customers
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Digital inkjet printing on ceramic tile
29.11.2010 |
A short journey to the world of digital inkjet printing on ceramic tile. Modern technologies, printing principles, equipment, dyes, problems and perspectives.
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Raised floors made by Atlas Concorde
18.11.2011 |
The raised fl oor is a “floating” flooring system in which the foot plan is not directly laid onto the ground but onto a suspended metallic structure. This allows for the creation of a gap or void between the footing and the fl oor, that is to say a feature that can be used to answer specifiс building needs and living comfort. Thanks to the partnership with leading companies in the sector, the raised floors created using Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware have been designed to solve, in a functional way, the problems associated with the contrast between the immutability of building structures and the evolving needs of those who live and work in them.
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Atlas Concorde: new series of ceramic tiles, video
13.04.2011 |
World leader in the ceramic tiles industry, Atlas Concorde presents its new range of tiles in a charming video.
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