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How much does bathroom tile cost. Part 2. Inexpensive imported tile

This article is primarily for those of you who are thinking of making house renovations, and want to come up with an estimate of how much might these renovations cost. The information presented below has to do only with wall tiles. The prices below represent an approximate average, since every factory is constantly changing their collections and different dealers use different prices to sell tile.  Almost every factory is going to have a couple of collections that are less or more expensive than the prices indicated below.

So if you have a limited budget, yet you want to use only imported tiles, what is it that you can expect? Before you read on, please remember that the tile price is going to include transportation costs, rather large ones, thus the most inexpensive imported tile might be either of low quality or old design.  You might be better off choosing Russian tile (see Cost of the bathroom tile. Part 1.) or a slightly more expensive imported tile.

Ukrainian tile. Price

Плитка Вельвет Golden Tile. Цена Плитка Атес ALEXA Цена Плитка Нота Полонез цена
Velvet Golden Tile collection
costs 440 r per meter
ALEXA tile from Atec factory goes for 460 r per meter Polonez tile produced by Nota Keramika Goes for 460 r. per meter

There are rich reserves of high-quality clay in Ukraine, so even lots of Italian factories are importing Ukrainian white clay.  There is a wide selection of pretty good tile manufacturing factories in the country. The distance to Russia is not that large, so, thanks to low transport costs, the final retail price of the Ukrainian tile in Russia comes out to be rather attractive.

One of the distinguished market leaders, Kharkiv Tile Plant offers a tile under Golden Tile brand at the Russian retail price from 310 to 570 rubles per square meter.

Interkerama, a plant from Dnepropetrovsk, produces tile that is sold at the prices ranging from 400 to 610 rubles per square meter.

Atem – offers tile from 346 to 690 rubles per square meter, and their sale tile goes for 103 rubles. It is hard to understand how imported tile can cost 103 rubles, it is possible that someone is simply trying to get rid of whatever is left over.

Nota Keramika, another plant from Dnepropetrovsk can offer you tile for the price ranging from 370 to 480 rubles per square meter


Lithuanian tile. Price

Плитка Dvarcioniu Keramika Барокко. Цена Плитка для ванной Dvarcioniu Keramika коллекция linea
Baroque tile
Dvarcioniu Keramika
price is 575 r. per meter
 Linea tile from Dvarcioniu Keramika
goes for 570 rubles per meter

It is hard to call Lithuania a tile power, however, it is possible to find tile produced by Dvarcionio Keramika in our country.


Commercially-available collection of this factory will cost you 573 - 650 rubles per square meter.

Polish Tile. Price

Польская плитка Cerrol коллекция Branch цена Плитка Paradyz Bambus цена
Branch tile from  Cerrol factory
for 968 rubles per meter
Bambus tile from Paradyz factory  for the price of  748 r per square meter


Плитка Opozcno Diuna цена Плитка Tubadzyn Delice цена
Diuna tile from Opoczno factory
sells for 475 r. per meter
Delice tile collection from Tubadzin factory could be found for 670 r. per meter

Polish tiles are represented by a number of factories with rather attractive prices. We do need to pay your attention to the fact that majority of the collections produced by the above mentioned factories are sold for about 800 rubles per square meter, and those collections that are 350-400 rubles often do not compare well to Russian collections that are in the same price range.

Opoczno offeres tile starting from 410 to 1 028 r. per sq. meter
Paradyz produces tile that sells from 450 to 920 r. per sq. meter

Tubadzin offeres tile with a wide variety of prices varying from 380 to 1 000r. per sq. meter
Cerrol sells tile from 580 to 970 r. per sq.

Polcolorit makes tile that goes from 610 to 1 520 r. per sq.

Ceramika – Konskie makes tile that sells for 480 to 820 r. per sq. meter

Turkish tile. Price

Плитка Pulpils Vitra цена Плитка Epica Kalebodur цена
Pulpis tile by Vitra factory. It sells for 753 r. per sq. meter.
Epica Kalebodur tile sells 650 r. per sq. meter

Every year, Turkey spends a lot of money to promote its tile manufacturers. Even in Bologna - the heart of the Italian tile industry during the celebration of Italian brands at the international tile exhibit Cersaie, the Turkish Association covers the central area of ​​the city and hosts a concert dedicated to the Turkish tile. However, the representation of the Turkish tile at the Russian market is still rather weak.

Vitra is famous for its stoneware and monocolors. Wall tile is slightly less represented at our market and it sells for anywhere from 520 to 1 860, with majority of tiles being in the range of 800-900 rubles. 
Kalebodue from 640 to 740
The other two factories are hard to find and their imported collections are almost nonexistent.

Yurtbay Seramik  can be found  selling from 660 to  690

Ida Seramik could be found in the range of 590 to 630

Czeck tile. Price

Плитка Absolut Rako. цена Чешская плитка Arde Rako
Absolut Rako tile
for the price 1 190 r. per sq. meter
Ardo tile produced by Rako factory. It sells for 645 r. per square meter

Czech tile is represented mainly by the Lasselsberger factory whose tile is available on our market under the Rako and Object objects. Please note that Object mainly produces monocolor projects.

Rako is represented fairly widely and is found in retail at a price of 550do 1 200 r. Sale collections can be found from 300 rubles

Calculating the cost of tile for the bathroom. Inexpensive imported tile

In order to calculate the cost of tile for your bathroom you will need to

  • Take the area of the bathroom (sum of the walls’ areas) and multiply it by the price per square meter. For instance, if your bathroom is 2x2 meters with the ceiling being 2.5 meters high and the door being 2x0.8 meters, the total footage is going to be 2x2.5x 4 - 2x0.8 = 18.4 meters.  With the prices being 650 rubles per meter, the total sum is going to be 11 960 rubles.

  • Как рассчитать количество плитки на ванную
    Add a percentage for the trim: 7-10 percent. If you are really trying to save money, you might not add any extra percentage and just buy it later. 11 960+ 7% = 12 797 rubles.


  • You can add borders if you’d like.  The price for the borders from the above mentioned factories is in the range of 150-750 rubles per border (there are certainly more expensive ones out there, but we are only considering cost-effective versions).  In order to calculate the amount of borders, you need to divide the length of the wall by the length of the border. For instance, with the horizontal stacking that is parallel to the floor of one row of borders at a particular height, if the border is 20 cm long, for a two-meter long wall, it will take 2:0.2 = 10 borders. Therefore, our bathroom that is 2x2 meters is going to take 10x4-3 (these are the borders that we are not placing where the door is) = 37 borders. With the price of 350 rubles per border. The total cost is going to be 12 950 rubles.

  • Как рассчитать количество настенной плитки
    Add the cost of the floor tiles (with some extra). The area of the floor times the price per meter. We have another article that talks about the cost of the floor tile, but for a rough estimate of the price for a cost-effective floor tile we are going to take 600 rubles per meter.  The total sum is going to be 2x2x600=2,400 rubles. With some extra it is going to be 2 400+7% = 2 568 rubles.

    Стоимость плитки для ванной комнаты. Пол

    Optionally, you can add inserts. Insert – is the tile of the same size as the background tile, but with richer décor.  You can place them wherever you like – most often people put it above the bathtub. The cost of the inserts for a cost-effective tile can vary greatly as well, but majority is in the range of 300-800 rubles per piece. If you would like 10 pieces you are going to have to pay 10x400 = 4 000 rubles.

  • Сколько стоит настенная плитка
    Add up the total cost based on what you want to use in the design of your bathroom. In our case, the bare minimum is going to consist of the price for the wall tile + price for the floor tile = 11 960+2 400 = 14 360. This is the price without any extras or any decors. The price with the extras: 12,797+2,568 = 15,365. The price with all decors and borders: 15 365+12 950 +4 000=32 315 rubles.


Thus, the average cost-effective version of the bathroom renovation, is going to be anywhere between 15 and 32 thousand rubles for the tile expense.  Naturally, the bathroom sizes are highly individual and you can pick a slightly more or less expensive tile in this category.


Do not forget that you still need to pay for the cost of grout, the cost of tile adhesives, leveling materials for the walls (if necessary), and the labor (if you do not lay tile yourself).

Let us reminds you that if you would like to calculate the most inexpensive option, you should look for domestic tile. See article Cost of bathroom tile. Part 1

Please also see Cost of bathroom tile. Part 3. High quality imported tile

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