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Why do we need street tile?

Is street tile good or bad? Is it just an excuse to spend municipal money, or is it truly good for city planning? Today, we will show you a video from a Dutch town of Middelburg, where Maxim Katz shows several ways to use tile in order to improve city life.

Maxim studied city planning with Yan Gehl at a Dutch architectural bureau named Gehl Architects and traveled throughout the world in search of best practices of city planning “for the people”. Together with Ilya Varlamov, Maxim created a program called “City Projects”, under which specialists in city planning topics will be attracted to our country. As part of this project, people will also be able to take advantage of lectures and research, as well as listen to different options of improving the city structure.

The video is created as part of “City Projects” when Katz and Varlamov went to Europe in order to study the European city planning experience.

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