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Red tile. A review of 20 most interesting tile collections for a red bathroom

You can love or hate the color red but definitely cannot be indifferent to it. In color therapy it is considered that red promotes energy. What else can you wish for on an early winter morning in Russia? In this article we will talk about the twenty most interesting collections of red tile, in our opinion, starting with Italian and ending with Russian manufacturers. In this list anyone - despite budget or taste - can find something that they like. The prices that we quote here are approximate and median for each collection (depending on a store, you find them either a bit cheaper, or more expensive). In any case, manufacturing red tile is more expensive than manufacturing tile of any other color, so bbe prepared to see prices that are higher than you are used to.

Italian red tile

Italian tile manufacturers are considered the trendsetters in tile design, so we will start with them. By the way, please pay attention to the fact that designers lay completely different color tile of floors - from black to imitation wood.

1. FAP. The Cielo collection

FAP CIELO красная плитка для ванной комнаты в интерьере

This red collection is called FAP Cielo Papavero. The size of each tile is 30.5x56 cm and the cost is 2190 roubles per square meter. The tile is rectified, so it can be installed with a very small seam. As you can see, in this case, the floor is dark.


This collection also includes a panel of 6 tiles that is called FAP Cielo Gong Papavero Inserto Mix 6 and costs approximately 13500 roubles.


FAP Cielo Gong Papavero Inserto Mix 6 красная вставка для ванной комнаты

If you don't like geometrical design, you can decorate your bathroom with flowers. This insertion, that's called FAP Cielo Soffio Papavero Inserto Mix, consists of 3 tiles and costs approximately three thousand roubles.

FAP Cielo Farfalle Soffio Papavero Inserto Mix 3 цветочная вставка красного цвета для ванной

2. FAP. The Voyage Collection

Tile from the Voyage collection is different from its counterpart of the Cielo collection in its size, subdued shades, surface stripes and much more modest decor features.

Красная плитка FAP voyage

This red tile is called FAP Voyage Rouge. The size of each tile is 30.5x91.5, its approximate cost - 3650 per square meter. This tile is also rectified, so can installed with a very small seam. In this case, the designers decided to install lighter tile on the floors.

This geometrical decor is called FAP Voyage Boston Rouge Inserto. Its size is 30.5x91.5 cm, the cost - 4020 roubles for each tile.


декор для красной ванной fap voyage


3. Atlas Concorde. The Adore collection

Красная плитка для ванной Adore Atlas Concorde

This red tile collection is called Atlas Concorde Adore Flame. The size of each tile is 30.5x56 cm, the approximate cost is 2180 roubles for a square meter. Tile is rectified, so you can install it with a small seam. This red bathroom has a black floor.

For decoration you can use flower tile Atlas Concorde Adore Flame Flower that comes in the same size. The flowers can be joint together and form a large wall. The approximate cost of each flower is 2030 roubles.

Плитка красного цвета с декорами в виде цветов Adore Atlas Concorde

Is there anything else except for flowers? Yes, there is - netting mosaic, the approximate cost of which is 9500 roubles per square meter. This mosaic comes in size of 30.5x30.5 cm.

Красная мозаика для красной плитки.

4. Atlas Concorde. The Gioia collection

Красная плитка для ванной комнаты с цветами. Фотография интерьере

This is an example of the latest tendencies in Italian design. Despite the color of tile on the walls, it is recommended that you install wood on the floor. This collection's red tile is called Atlas Concorde Gioia Rosso. It's size - 20x50 cm, approximate cost is 1490 roubles per square meter. You can use a flowre panel as decoration - it consists of 2 tiles and comes in a size of 40x50 cm. Approximate cost of this panel is 2450 roubles.

Разноцветный бордюр в красную ванную комнату. Лампы в ванной

5. ABK. The Seta collection

Красная плитка для ванной комнаты Seta. Красные стены белый пол красно-белая ванная

This collection's red tile is called ABK Seta rosso. The size of each tile is 25x50 cm, approximate cost - 2500 roubles per square meter. The collection also offers flower decors priced at approximately 3000 roubles per square meter, which you can purchase in individual pieces. The size of decorative tiles is 25x50. If you install white stoneware on the floor, as showon in the photo, you can get a very nice bathroom.

6. Фабрика Cerdisa. Коллекция Perlage

Красная плитка Perlage Cerdisa. Красно-белый интерьер

This collection's glossy red tile is called Cerdisa Perlage cigliegia. Each tile size is 20x50, with the approximate cost being 2100 roubles per square meter. Note that the floor is white again and the collection offers special flower decors for a white and red bathroom. The size of each decorative tile is 20x50 cm. Approximate cost per piece is 1460 roubles.

Красно-белая плитка для ванной комнаты. Perlage черешня

7. Gamma Due factory. The Hello Kitty collection

Детская плитка Gamma Due Hello Kitty

This children's tile with sweet Hello Kitty ornaments is called Gamma Due Hello Kitty Red (both tile and mosaic). The size of this tile is 20x20 cm. The collection's decorative panel consists of 6 tiles and is called Gamma Due Hello Kitty Laundry Red CP A/6 PZ; the small insertions (also come in a 20x20 cm size) are called Gamma Due Hello Kitty Classic Expressions Red. The cost of the background tile is approximately 2500 roubles per square meter; the cost of the panel is 4500 roubles; insertions - 2300 roubles per set of 3. In this case the floor was also tiled to be red.

Плитка Hello kitty Gamma due красная ванная для ребенка

Spanish red tile

The Spanish consider red to be almost a national color, so let's see what kind of red Spanish tile you can purchase on the market.

8. Pamesa. The Agatha collection

Плитка Pamesa Agatha Ruiz de la prada испанская плитка для ванной

Pamesa's long-living hit - the Agatha collection, designed by Agatha Ruiz De la Prada (usual size 20x20cm) - has just been released tile of a new size of 25x50 cm in a wonderful red shade that is called Pamesa Agatha Carmin. The approximate cost of this tile is 1300 roubles per square meter. This interesting decor tile with circles costs approximately 500 roubles per piece and comes in the same size as the background tile. Besides the circles, you can also find striped decoration tiles in this collection. The cost of these is also approximately 500 roubles per piece. 

Полосатые декоры для плитки Agatha Pamesa


9. Pamesa. The Agatha Puzle collection

Необычная красная плитка для ванной. Pamesa

The same Agatha Ruiz came up with this Puzle collection that looks quite unusual (maybe like a mosaic?), though it comes in quite a usual size of 25x40 cm. This red tile is called Agatha Puzle Carmin. It's approximate cost is 1200 roubles per square meter. There are no other decorative tiles in this collection.

10. Ceramica Latina. The Vento collection

Испанская плитка для ванной красного цвета. LAtina Ceramica Vento

Though Russian distributors imported this color only in black and white, you can order red as well. The cost of this tile is approximately 1200 roubles per square meter and it comes in a size of 25x60. This collection's red tile is called Ceramica Latina Vento Diana Rosso. The set of 3 buterflies is called Mural Vento Rosso and comes in a size of 600x750 at a cost of 4100 roubles.

11. Ceramica Latina. The Urban collection

плитка Urban latina Ceramicas красная ванная в интерьере фото

This collection's red tile is called Ceramica Latina Urban Rojo, comes in a size of 25x50 cm at an approximate price of 1800 roubles per square meter. Decorative tiles with circles will cost you 1030 roubles per piece and comes in the same size as the background tile.

12. Porcelanite Dos factory. The 9001 collection

Плитка porcelanite Dos красная плитка для ванной в интерьере. ФОтография

This unusual tile comes in a size of 20x80 cm and is called Porcelanite Dos 9001 Rojo. The approximate price per square meter is 1750 roubles. The white and red decorative tiles you see here are a panel that is proudly called Composicion 9001 gris-rojo-burdeos-rosa dreams III. It consists of three tiles and is sold as a set for 2650 roubles. Besides the bright red color, this collection also offers maroon and pink tiles of the same size. 

Бордовая плитка для ванной испанская фабрика Porcelanite Dos

German red tile

Though Germany doesn't produce that much tile, you can still find some collections that come in red from German manufacturers.

13. Jasba. The Loop collection

Плитка Jasba Loop

New in 2013 is a mosaic that comes in 15 shades. The red mosaic comes in two diameters 1 and 2 centimeters, with the netting being 31x31 cm. The approximate cost of this mosaic is 5000 roubles per square meter and, as a decorative companion, you can purchase white tile in a 20x60 cm size. But of course, you can install any tile you wish!

14. Villeroy&Boch. The Moonlight collection

Красная плитка большого размера для ванной комнаты. Немецкая плитка Villeroy boch moonlight

This collection's red tile is called Vilelroy&BochMoonlight rot (red) and comes in 2 sizes - 15x90 cm and 30x90 cm - at an approximate cost of 3800 roubles per square meters. There are no special decorative tiles as the manufacturer considers this tile to be beautiful all by itself.

Czech red tile

If you are not prepared to spend a lot of money on Italian tile but still want something that is not Russian, check out tile from the Czech Republic.

15. Opoczno factory. The Aplauz collection

Плитка 10х10 красного цвета Opozcno Aplauz

This collection's red tile is called Opoczno Aplauz czerwony. It comes in a size of 10x10, so it will fit any bathroom. The approximate cost of this tile is 730 roubles per square meter, with the flower decorative tiles costing approximately 150 roubles per piece.

Aplauz Opoczno красная плитка маленького размера

Polish red tile

16. Polcolorit factory. The Styl collection

ПОльская плитка Polcolorit красно-белая плитка для ванной в интерьере

This collection's red tile is called Polcolorit Styl Red and comes in a size of 25x40 cm at approximate cost per square meter of 770 roubles. The flower panel consists of 3 tiles which combine into a size of 75x120 cm. The cost of such a panel is approximately 2400 roubles with separate flower decorative tiles costing 600 roubles per piece.

Ukrainian red tile

17. Atem factory. The Cuba collection

укоаинская плитка сгиф atem красного цвета

This is a great cheerful option from the Ukrainian factory Atem. Red tile comes in a size of 29.5x59x5 cm and costs approximately 830 roubles per square meter. The flower panel consists of 2 tiles and comes in a size of 590x595 cm at a cost of 1324 per set.

Russian red tile

Of course, you may say that Kerama Marazzi can't really be called Russian, as the factory belongs to an Italian group named Marazzi, but since this tile is produced in Russia, we'll consider it Russian.

18. Kerama Marazzi factory. The Sakura collection

Керама Марацци Сакура. Красная плитка россия дешевая

This red sakura comes in a size of 20x20 cm at a cost of approximately 750 roubles per square meter. Decorative flower tiles come in a size of 20x30 and cost approximately 140 roubles per piece. You can also purchase thing flower borders for 105 roubles per piece.

19. Nefrit Keramica factory. The Waltz collection

Плитка Вальс Нефрит Кермика

ПThis is probably the cheapest bathroom collections. Red Waltz will cost you only 540 roubles per square meters and comes in a size of 25x40 cm. Besides the red background, this collection comes in other colors and can really cheer you up on a dark morning. The cost of decor tiles - 137 roubles per piece (same size as the tile - 25x40); borders - 57 roubles each (25x11.5 cm).

Плитка для ванной дешевая красная с цветами

Red mosaic

If you didn't like any of the abovementioned tile options, take a look at mosaic. Almost every manufacturer makes red mosaic - starting with Italy and ending with China - so we will only show you one mosaic panel from Sicis, as we consider it very beautiful.

20. Sicis. Red mosaic

Цветочное панно Sicis красного цвета

Of course, if you wish, you can make any design out of mosaic, which is why this material is great.

Панно Sicis итальянская мозаика в интерьере

We wish you great renovations!

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