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Marvel - new wall tile collection by Atlas Concorde

The Italian tile manufacturer Atlas Concorde has released a new large-size tile collection that imitates natural stone and is designated for spacious bathrooms, including those of executive character, such as at hotels, business centers and spas.

Плитка Marvel Calacatta Extra

The collection was created using digital printing, so the pattern of stone is reproduced very well.

Плитка под камень Atlas Concorde Calacatta extra

The Marvel collection comes in 6 shades of tile sized 30,5х91,5: Marvel Bronze luxury, Marvel Beige mystery, Marvel Champagne onyx, Marvel Silver dream, Marvel Moon onyx and Marvel Calacatta extra.

Плитка MArvel Beige mystery

Коллекция Marvel Atlas Concorde в интерьере

For those who prefers smaller tile, the factory has released a size that is 30.5x56 cm.

Итальянская плитка Marvel Atlas Concorde

In addition to background tile, the collection has a lot of mosaic: regular and 3 dimensional.

Плитка для ванной под камень Atlas COncorde

3D mosaic

Мозаика к плитке Marvel Atlas COncorde

Baroque decor of bronze and beige colors are produced specifically for those, who love everything beautiful.

Atlas Concorde Bronze Luxury плитка для ванной из Италии

For those who prefer a strickter design: decoration lines with shiny stripes.

Декоры к коллекции Marvel Wall

The tile surface is shiny and its sides are rectified for seamless installation

Плитка для гостиницы MArvel Atals COncorde

The factory also produces a Marvel floor collection, so any interior will look harmoneously.

Плитка марвел атлас конкорд

If you wish, you can use imitation wood tile for the floor. In this case it is the Etic collection.

Плитка для ванной с деревянным полом в интерьере

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