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Oficina7 - a new tile collection from Marazzi

Marazzi's new tile collection - Oficina7 - is a large format, singe glazed, clay tile that comes in a size of 32,5х97,7 cm

Marazzi Oficina7 в интерьере

Oficina7 comes in 7 colors: Nero, 2 shades of Beige, Bianco, Marrone, Rosso and Grigio

Цвета коллекции Щашсштф7 Marazzi

The manufacturer suggests to use geometrical patterns or stripes as decors.

The factory presents the collection as "free in spirit and close to street-art".

Marazzi Italia Oficina7 плитка

The collection is intended to be used in private, hotel, restaurant and office bathrooms.

Керамическая плитка marazzi Oficina7

Итальянская плитка Oficina7 интерьер ванной комнаты

Additionally, during installation, this collection's tiles can be layed directly on top of old tile (in case a client doesn't want to deal with removing the old tile), as it's thickness is only 6 millimeters.

Ванная комнаты в плитке Marazzi Oficina7

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