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Quito, Petra, Tolosa - new collections by Pamesa

One of the largest Spanish tile manufacturers has demonstrated several new collections at the Cevisama 2013 exhibition. All the collections are united by the same topic - each tile is a piece of a pattern that makes up one image.

The Quito tile collection

Плитка Quito Pamesa

This collection has 2 types of red clay tile with digital printing sized 60x60 cm - Quito Perla and Quito Crema. Each can be layed into a pattern of its own shade.

Pamesa Quito Crema и qUITO Perla

The Petra tile collection

Плитка Pamesa Petra

Petra is a smaller tile - 45х45 cm - with a much simpler pattern.

Напольная плитка Pamesa Petra в интерьере, новинка Cevisama 2013

The Tolosa tile collection

Плитка Tolosa Pamesa для пола

Tolosa is more suitable for a country-style interior. The size of the tiles is 45x45 cm and it has the same characteristics - red clay with digital print.

Плитка 45х45 Pamesa Tolosa

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