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Sunrock collection – sunny Italian stoneware

A new stoneware collection Sunrock by Atlas Concorde factory imitates stone and is only produced in warm colors so it can help create a sense of harmony and comfort.  The series is made of rectified stoneware and is available in the following sizes: 45x90 cm, 75x75 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm, 22,5x90 cm and 15x90 cm.

 The shades of the collection are: Jerusalem Ivory, Bourgogne Sand, Rapolano Beige, Travertino White and  Travertino Almond.

In addition to the background matte tile, this collection also includes a special textured tile, which is available in the following formats: 60х60 cm and 30х60 cm.

Besides the background tile, this collection includes decors, mosaic, and special thick tile that can be installed outside. Such tile is produced in 60х60 cm format and could be placed on grass, sand or any other natural street sruface without having to use adhesive or prep the surface.  

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