Iris - GranitiFiandre is going to build a stategic plant to produce porcelain tile slabs in Stupino
17.03.2014 |
As stated by Federica Minozzi during the official meeting between the two mayors, the IRIS-GRANITIFIANDRE group has created contacts with Stupino, a town in the Stupinsky district of Moscow Oblast, in the middle of European Russia. These new relationships are aimed to identify a land on which build a stategic plant to produce porcelain tile slabs – the top products of the group under the guidance of Romano Minozzi
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A Tile of Spain seminar for architects and designers went on in Yekaterinbourg
27.04.2013 |
On March 14th, a seminar for architects and interior designers was held in Yekatirenburg. The title of the seminar was, "Ceramics in architecture and interior design - Innovation, Technology, Variety." The seminar organizers were the Spanish Institute for Exports (ICEX), The Spanish Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers (ASCER), and the Commerce Department of the Spanish Embassy in Moscow.
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Experience 2013 - a contest on best project using Italon ceramic tile
27.04.2013 |
Ceramic factory ITALON has announced its first competition - Experience Contest 2013 - for the best project that uses its products.The contest goes on in two categories: ready private projects and ready commercial projects.Winners will receive great prices and an opportunity to go to Italy and visit a specially designed course of seminars on design and architecture.
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Portuguese factory Cinca has announced the release of a Russian version of its website
05.06.2012 |
One of the leaders of Portugues ceramic tile producers - Cinca - has announced the Russian version of its website. As stated by the factory, the site is an innovative and user friendly site that is an easy and fast way to get all the information about the factory's products and plays a role of an interactive exhibition booth.
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Designer and architect competition Tile Story 2012
14.09.2012 |
A famous international tile brand - Tile of Spain - has announced the beginning of its creative contest Tile Story, 2012, which it is holding together with Project Next. The competition is being supported by ICEX (The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade), ASCER (The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer's Association), and The Trade and Commercial Delegation of the Embassy of Spain in Moscow
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Summary of Tile of Spain seminar for architects and designers in Chelyabinsk
14.11.2012 |
On October 25, 2012, at the Chelyabinsk-Riverside Holiday Inn (University Embankment, 18), was held a seminar for architects and interiors designers. The organizers of the seminar were the Spanish Institute of International Commerce (ICEX), Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tile (ASCER), and the Trade department of the Embassy of Spain in Moscow.
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Seminar Tile of Spain for architects and designers in Chelyabinsk
23.10.2012 |
On October 25, the association of Spanish manufacturers of ceramic tile is participating in a seminar for architects and designers in Chelyabinsk (Ural Federal Area of Russia) entitle "Tile of Spain." This year, similar seminars have been held in Kaliningrad and Krasnodar, and have achieved tremendous success
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