Spanish ceramic tile industry: sales in 2011
08.02.2012 |
Spain is the second biggest exporter of ceramic tiles in Europe, and the third in the world. Find the latest sales volumes, provided by the Tiles of Spain Assoiation
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How much does it costs to tile a bathroom? Part 1. Cheap tiles
28.12.2011 |
Whether the remodeling job is large or small it is always a good idea to know how much you will be spending. Do you know which bathroom tiles are the cheapest? You do not need to spend a month in the shops any more. Just read this article, with the list of the most popular cheap brands, prices per square meter and a guide for estimating the overall costs for the tiles in your bathroom
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Italian tiles world sales in 2011
11.11.2011 |
Latest figures for 2011 provided by Confindustria Ceramica. Main export destination, total volume, year to year comparison.
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