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25 best lighting fixtures of Cersaie. What type of lighting is chosen by Italian manufacturers

Cersaie is a tile, not lighting exhibition, so light fixtures here typically receive little attention. Nevertheless, each self-respecting light manufacturer does bring to its booth all the light fixtures that can be found in its offices (or at its designers’ homes). According to Cersaie designers, the more light you have, the more comfort there is.

Most avid manufacturers photograph their booths, and represent them as interiors of apartments or bars, subsequently publishing them in catalogs. (No one usually suspects this trick is going on for three reasons: first, there is no reason whatsoever for them to suspect this at all; distributors at tile exhibitions only look at tiles, not lighting fixtures; and lastly, it is strictly prohibited to photograph at Cersaie, so the chances of seeing pictures from the show for the average person are little to none). However, regular visitors don’t pay attention to light at all.

Booth lighting

We decided to correct this horrible injustice. Painstakingly and diligently we studied all the light fixtures that we ran across at Cersaie, and in the name of a happy end to the end of the world and New Year’s celebration, offer you the best for your consideration.

So, some manufacturers tried to surprise the public by the size of the fixtures. Imola – by its large size

Large suspended lamp

Cisa – by its small size

Light fixtures at the exhibition

Others decided to wow by quantity

Interior design:  a set of lamps

Although Pamesa still has more fixtures

A combination of different lamp fixtures

Several different lamps together, without any theme? Easy! Bisazza loves eclectic style.

Lamps at the Bisazza booth

Marazzi – Italian tile market leader. Therefore, they impresses not by quantity or size, but by quality.

Light fixture at the Marazzi Italia booth

Atlas Concorde is positioning itself as a modern manufacturer; that’s why the fixtures reflect this style as well.

A lamp at the Atlas Concorde booth

Fiordo chose the path of fantasy artisanship. Their unique lamps with leaves could be fantastic camouflage for Winnie-the-Pooh.

Lighting at the Fiordo booth

In Portugal, the sun is always bright; therefore, the lamps by Pavigres reflect ultimate happiness.

Viva does not manufacture its own tile. That may be the reason why they exhibited bunker-style cold and grey light fixtures.

High tech lamp fixtures

Sant Agostino invited Philip Stark for inspiration and design of its newest collection of tile. Stark brought light with him.

Lamp at the Sant Agostino booth

A whopping two lamps here

A lamp by Philip Stark

This lamp appears to be from the home of the same designer that accessorized the Magica collection.

A small lamp

The lamp at the Love Ceramic Tiles booth is a reminder of the works of Valli.

A thin lamp

Staying with the cosmic theme, an alien lamp from the La Fabbrica booth.

A beautiful floor lamp

When aliens take over Earth, they would most likely drink tea from similar light fixtures that are made by Sant Agostino.

Lamps from the booth by Sant Agostino

In addition to lamps, there were displays of posh chandeliers. Next to them, any tile would either look more expensive, or no one would care what kind of tile you have.

Posh chandelier

Of course, the more such chandeliers in one’s booth, the better. Bisazza is a great example, attracting masses of important-looking people in formal attire.

Set of chandeliers at the Bisazza booth

Bisazza, by the way, really did have chandeliers all over the booth.

A chandelier at the Bisazza booth

In case a chandelier is hard to come by, a classic table lamp may replace it. Even better if it has frozen figurines under it.

Classic table lamp

If all else fails, a statue of a black bird would also suffice (Love Ceramic).

A table lamp

FAP designers thought that a floor lamp is a sufficient substitute for a table lamp.

A floor lamp from FAP

Constant experiments with tiles lead to the conclusion that at the Cerdisa booth, the light fixture floats in the air.


And for dessert, a light fixture resembling a candy from the Ariana booth.

Lighting at the Ariana booth

These were the best light fixtures from the Cersaie Exhibition. If you want the details on tiling presented by the exhibitors, please read the article Photo Review of the Cersaie Exhibition.

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