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Ceramics of Italy at Batimat Russia 2015
11.07.2014 |
At its meeting on 8 July, the Confindustria Ceramica Executive Board ratified the agreement between the association, its service company Edi.Cer. Spa and the Batimat Russia management company Media Globe – Crocus regarding the participation of Ceramics of Italy in the Russian construction sector trade fair, which will be held in late March 2015 in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow.
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Italian tiles at I Saloni Worldwide Moscow 2013
11.10.2013 |
Under the umbrella of the Ceramics of Italy mark, Edi.Cer and the Italian Trade Promotion Agency ICE are organising the participation of twenty ceramic companies at Crocus Expo in Moscow, 19 of which will be hosted in a collective stand. This will be a major opportunity to promote contacts between the Italian ceramic industry and Russian interior design and decoration professionals
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Cersaie 2013 results
02.10.2013 |
With an average attendance of 20,000 visitors a day on each of the five days of the show, half of whom were from outside Italy, Cersaie 2013 maintained the exhibition’s international appeal and its role as a leading global trade fair for the ceramic tile and bathroom furnishing sectors. The commercial side of the event was complemented by the broad cultural programme of “building, dwelling, thinking”, by the practical demonstrations staged in “Tiling Town”, and by the free consulting service offered to the general public in “Cersaie designs your home”.
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A conference dedicated to ceramic tile market took place at MosBuild
27.04.2013 |
On April 16, a conference on "Development of ceramic tile in Russia. Trends and Prospects" took place as part of MosBuild business program, The conference was attended by Russian and foreign reporters.
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MosBuild - second day:  a visit from Slava Zaitsev and other happenings
27.04.2013 |
The highlights of the second day of the Mosbuild exhibition, Ceramics section, include the award ceremony for the best project competition from the Tile of Spain pavilion, a visit by Slava Zaitsev to the Fiesta Keramika booth, award of a certificate of excellence to the best importer of Italian tile at the Ceramics of Italy booth, and others.
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Tile of Spain. Spanish tile at MosBuild 2013. April 16 to April 19
27.04.2013 |
In 2014, Tile of Spain - a brand that unites the leading ceramic tile manufacturers of Spain - will, for the 16th time, take part in the international exhibition MosBuild. The Spanish pavilion will function as part of the "Cersanex/Ceramics. Stone. Bathroom equipment" portion of the exhibition that will go on from April 16th to April 19th, 2013 at "Expo-center" fairgrounds in Moscow.
Просмотров: 6582 | Автор: EtoProsto | Дата обновления: 27.04.2013 | Комментарии: 0 site and Design Magic studio will introduce their joint booth at MosBuild Exhibition
27.04.2013 |
Over a year ago, we introduced a Tips from a designer section on our site. During this time, we have received hundreds of questions from our readers, and many designers have given their answers to different types of questions and inquiries. But it is not always possible to get a complete answer in such a format, and a direct contact with the designer is often needed. Therefore, we decided to give our guests the opportunity to personally consult professional designers regarding their renovations and design questions. From 16th to 19th of April, designers of Design Magic studio are going to be waiting for you at our booth at MosBuild.
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Ceramics of Italy at MosBuild exhibit
27.04.2013 |
The Italian Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association - Ceramics of Italy - which promotes Italian tile all over the world, will take part in Russia's largest construction exhibition MosBuild.
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Photo review of MosBuild Cersanex 2013. Part I
27.04.2013 |
The largest Russian exhibition of ceramic tile - Cersanex Mosbuild 2013 - ended on April 19th in Moscow. The Russian market is a life-boat for most European tile manufacturers, due to the fact that there is a financial crisis on the continent and sales have plummeted and only in Russia they have been going up for several years now. This is why all of the largest factories in the world, hoping to make some money, have been exhibiting their products (which they find most promising for the Russian market) at MosBuild. Let's take a look at what was going on this year.
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Conference Development of the ceramic tile market in Russia: Trends and prospects
23.03.2013 |
MosBuild and EtoProsto.Ru presents an international conference devoted to the state and overall development of the Russian ceramic tile market. Development of the ceramic tile market in Russia: Trends and prospects
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25 best lighting fixtures of Cersaie. What type of lighting is chosen by Italian manufacturers
19.03.2013 |
Dear friends! While some were stocking up on matches preparing for the end of the world, we thought about it and decided to stock up on lamps. Painstakingly and diligently we studied all the light fixtures that we ran across at Cersaie, and in the name of a happy end to the end of the world and New Year’s celebration, offer you the best for your consideration
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Cersaie 2012 tile novelties. Three dimensional tile
28.10.2012 |
Each year, an exhibition of the latest advancements in ceramic tile - Cersaie - goes on in Italy. What did the largest manufacturers come up with this time? This article is a part of our photo review of most topical trends in ceramic tile design at Cersaie 2012.
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Imitation cement tile. Cersaie 2012 photo review
20.10.2012 |
Recently, one of the largest international tile exhibitions - Cersaie - ended in Italy. This article is a part of our photo review of this year's trends in ceramic tile design. We offer you to take a look at what some of the largest tile manufacturers offered at Cersaie 2012
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Cersaie photo review. Imitation wood tile
23.10.2012 |
For several years now, imitation stone tile is loosing popularity with tile manufacturers. What did the largest of these exhibit at the international tile exhibition Cersaie 2012? Were they able to come up with something new? Take a look at our photo review and see for yourself.
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New from Cersaie 2012. Imitation stone tile - a photo review
25.10.2012 |
Thanks to new equipment that allows printing on stoneware in industrial scale, many manufacturers have been producing imitation stone tile for several years. We offer you to see what new designs were presented by largest international factories at Cersaie, 2012 in Bologna this year
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Cersaie 2012 Photo Review
11.10.2012 |
Every fall the Italian town of Bologna hosts one of the largest tile design exhibits in the world - Cersaie. Thousands of tile manufacturing factories participate in the exhibit and the guest list consists of large distributors, leading designers and some of the most reputable architects of the world. Here we have our correspondent's photo review on the exhibit and the collections displayed by the leading tile manufacturers
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Cevisama 2013 review
28.02.2013 |
We now have the data about all visitors of Cevisama 2013 exhibition. We would like to point out that this year there were more international visitors than last ' the event was visited by more than 12 300 specialists from abroad, a number that formed 20% of all the visitors of the exhibition.
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One of the leading international ceramic tile exhibitions opened in Valencia. Photos from Cevisama 2013
06.02.2013 |
The 31st international exhibition dedicated to ceramic tile and bathroom equipment - Cevisama - opened in the Spanish city of Valencia on February 5th. We are offering you to take a look at some of the first photos from this exhibition.
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Citta della Posa - a tile installation master-class at Cersaie 2012
21.03.2013 |
This year, Citta della Posa was a new part of Cersaie that is dedicated to tile layering and was opened during the entire exhibition with master-classes from the best specialists, who introduced visitors to modern materials, instruments and ways to install tile. One of the specialists was the famous Swiss - Thomas Gugger - who, being under 20 years old, became the winner of the International Tile Layering Championship that was held in London in 2011. One of our reporters visited this event
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A short review of the 30th anniversary of Cersaie 2012
21.03.2013 |
According to its organizers, the 30th anniversary of Cersaie that recently ended in Bologna has fully proven its status of the exhibition as being the key international event dedicated to ceramic tile and bathroom equipment. The total attendance count was more than 100 000 visitors, with 32% of them being foreigners
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