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Conference Development of the ceramic tile market in Russia: Trends and prospects

Conference 'Development of the ceramic tile market in Russia: Trends and prospects'

Date: 16 April 2013
Time: 12.00-15.00
Venue: Expocentre
Organisational partner:
MosBuild presents an international conference devoted to the state and overall development of the Russian ceramic tile market.
The conference participants will discuss the following issues:
  • development trends in the Russian ceramic tile market
  • volume, structure and dynamics of ceramic tile imports
  • specificities of the Russian market
  • state and development trends of domestic and joint ceramic tile production in Russia
  • preferences of Russian consumers

Conference programme

Maurizio Mazzotti, President, CERAMICHE ATLAS CONCORDE
‘The ATLAS CONCORDE brand: company profile, trends and analysis of the requirements of the Russian ceramic tile market’
Stanislav Kucher, Director of Business Development, Atem
‘The expansion of Ukrainian tiles into the Russian market’
Andrey Koksharov, Chief Designer, Sokol ceramic factory
‘Digital printing on ceramic tiles: pros and cons’
Akmed Yamaner, Deputy President, Building Materials Division, Eczacıbaşı
Title of paper to be confirmed
Oleg Mamontov, head of construction, real estate, building materials, woodworking and paper, IndexBox
‘The ceramic tile market: results of the post-crisis recovery’
Anastasia Tverdokhlebova, Commercial Director, KeraMir Group
‘The key points in promoting ceramic tile brands in the Russian market’
Svetlana Samarskaya, Newker Ceramics
‘Strategic area – Russia’
Elena Sivtsova, Sales Director, Santa-Keramika
‘Tastes and preferences of Russian tile consumers’

If you are interested in getting the latest information on current trends in the Russian ceramic tile market, we invite you to participate in this event.

The conference will be attended by ceramic tile
manufacturers and distributors, tile production associations, international tile companies and joint production factories in Russia, and by market experts.

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