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Cersaie 2012 Photo Review

Cersaie - is one of the largest ceramic tile exhibitions in the world. It takes place in Bologna, Italy every year and local taxi drivers would be set for life if only they weren’t so lazy. A great number of distributors from all over the world attend the exhibit in search of a Holy Grail – the tile that would sell itself in the stores. The exhibition also welcomes thousands of designers and architects who are hoping to see something unprecedented, and hundreds of tile manufacturing companies have to shell out good amount of cash in order to get good reviews and immortalize their name and honor. To learn more about the exhibition and whether it is worth attending please read our article Cersaie. Notes from the fair. The text below focuses exclusively on new products this year.   .

Коридор на выставке Cersaie 2012

Being at Cersaie makes you happy as a child. The exhibit’s busy corridors draw you in with their brilliance. It makes you want to dash out and see what is around the corner.

Коридоры холлов выставки Cersaie 2012

The harmony of beauty prevails inside the booths. Lively clouds are floating on the walls. Flowers are blooming nearby. 

Новая мозаика Bisazza на выставке Cersaie 2012
Mosaic from the Bisazza factory
Мозаика с бабочками Bisazza . Фотографии с выставки Cersaie 2012
 One more mosaic from Bisazza

Butterflies and other God's creatures are flapping their wings from the booths.

Новинки плитки от фабрики Vives. Cersaie 2012
 Most darling tile from Vives

Magical pictures of child’s kaleidoscope are blooming on the walls.

Цветочки из мозаики. Фабрика Bisazza. Новинки выставки плитки Cersaie
Mosaic from Bisazza

Each tile mosaic is happily smiling at you.

Мозаика Sicis на выставке Cersaie 2012
Мosaic from Sicis

It seems like the whole world is kind and beautiful. 

новинка от фабрики Vives
 Floral panel from Vives

Welcoming children of the Peninsula treat you just as well as Caesar would.

Еда на стенде фабрики Bardelli. Cersaie 2012

You are convinced that Italy is, undoubtedly, a great country of art and culture. 

Панно из мозаики Appiani
Mosaic picture from Appiani

And even austere black and white flowers are  just about to attract butterflies.

Новая мозаика от фабрики mosaico plus на выставке Cersaie 2012

Or the flowers are going to take off just like butterflies.

Новинки мозаики Mosaicoplus. Cersaie 2012 фотоотчет
 MosaicoPlus Composition

People can certainly fly as well. Using beautiful, kind, magical fans, of course.

Плитка в виде вееров. Новинки фабрики Bardelli.
 New product from Bardelli factory.

More fans and flowers for you

Новинки фабрики Sicis. Мозаика на стенде на выставке Cersaie
 New products from Sicis factory

In order to help people remember that flowers need to be taken care of, factories are planting them into pots.

Новинки фабрики Bardelli. Выставка плитки Cersaie 2012
 Bardelli takes care of all that is alive

Music! Little dogs! Flowers!

Стенд Bardelli  на выставке Cersaie 2012
 Paradise as seen by Bardelli

Tile is created for celebrations!

Новые декоры к плитке Saloni
 Joyful decors from Saloni factory

Even a kind rhino is just about winking at you from under the celing. 

Стенд фабрики Vives. Выставка Cersaie 2012
 Vives factory booth

You begin to believe that large size tile is beautiful.

Плитка больших размеров в моде

Even the size of one meter by three meters tile.

Керамогранит больших форматов

Even one and a half by three meters tile. You begin to believe that bathrooms where such tile can fit actually exist.  A naive voice in your head is gently telling you that the most important thing is just to make it to the elevator and then try to carefully carry the tile in the hallway. It tells you that you can even turn around in the hallway with such tile.

Плитка больших форматов
The impossible is possible. Porcelaingres

However, such paradise lasts no longer than a sparrow’s song in the morning. Somewhere around minute 20 of walking around the exhibit you begin to get a sneaking suspicion that the world, perhaps, is not as wonderful as you wish it to be. Some booths begin to hint at the fact that world is not made up just of a white line.

Плитка от Villeroy Boch на выставке Cersaie
 Villeroy Boch tile

And that no matter how beautiful the lines are sooner or later they will dead end at the wooden floor. Imitation wooden floor tile, to be exact.

Интерьер ванной комнаты от Santagostino
 Interior design of the bathroom from Santagostino

One imitation wooden floor tile is good. So is one booth with imitation stone tile. You see it and say: - Hey! Hi stone!

Ariostea на выставке Cersaie 2012
 Ariostea factory booth

You say the same thing to the second and third booth.  But not everyone is going to make it to the twentieth imitation stone booth.

Павильон фабрики Caesar
 Caesar factory paviolion

Stone begins to seem a little less friendly at your 50th imitation stone booth. People still attend it, but mainly in order to rest and eat a bit.

Павильон фабрики Imola на выставке Cersaie
 Imola factory pavilion

After the 51st booth even the exhibit hallways begin to seem not so friendly. 

Коридоры выставки Cersaie 2012

Please read about our fascinating experiences in the continuation of the article

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