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Cersaie photo review. Imitation wood tile

This article is a continuation of Cersaie Exhibit 2012 photo review. You will find the first part following this link  Cersaie 2012 photo review.

There isn't anything better than wood than wood itself, but tile manufacturers do not think so.  This is the fifth consecutive year that, with the tenacity of the Vikings who are eager to expand, tile manufacturers release new imitation wood collections.

Плитка под дерево. Marazzi Italia
Marazzi Italia booth

It is impossible to explain that one can lay real wood on the floors. These proud Roman Empire heirs wouldn't understand. They simply shake their heads and quietly laugh in response. 

новинка от фабрики Lea. Плитка под паркет
  Imitation wood tile from Lea Ceramiche

However, they have not discontinued the production of the collections released couple of years ago. As a result, there is a vast number of different imitation wood tile out there in the world. 

Плитка под дерево от фабрики Mirage. Новинка выставки Cersaie 2012
 Imitation wood tile from Mirage

According to the roughest of the estimates, there are 800 imitation wood collections, each of which contains several types of wood. 

Разные варианты плитки под дерево. Фабрика Cercom
Different shades of imitation wood tile in one collection. Cercom group


Керамогранит под дерево. Фотографии со стенда фабрики Impronta
Variety of imitation wood tiles. Manufactured by Impronta factory

Most likely, there is an even greater amount of them out there. 

Плитка под дерево. Фабрика Faro
Imitation wood tile.  Faro factory 


Плитка под дерево. Granitoforte, фотография с выставки Cersaie 2012
Unobtrusive imitation wood tile. Granitoforte

The desire to sell all this tile is pushing manufacturers to glue it on walls. 

Monocibec. Плитка под дерево. Фотография с выставки Cersaie 2012
   Monocibec. Imitation wood tile


Темная плитка под дерево. Фабрика Ariana
  Dark imitation wood tile decorated by the hanging candy,
 Ariana factory


Плитка под дерево. Impronta italgraniti
One more imitation wood tile from Impronta Italgraniti

Needless to say, imitation wood tile is recommended for the floor of any color bathroom. .

Плитка под дерево Impronta
Impronta tile used in the interior design


Черная плитка под дерево от Porcelanosa
Imitation wood tile from Porcelanosa

There is certainly a good reason behind such vast production of imitation wood tile. It is all about the infamous photo printing technology on stoneware. (take a look at our article on Digital jet printing on tile). A few manufacturers purchased such technology several years ago and printed imitation wood tile with good detailed imaging. The rest of the manufacturers decided to tighten their budgets and get in line for the next printer series. Such new technology recreates wood structure exceptionally well. 

Плитка под дерево. Marazzi
Marazzi Italia and imitation wood tile

There is only one problem. There are a lot fewer popular wood types, than there are manufacturers that want to produce imitation wood tile. Not everyone is going to decide on making Indian banyan, when they clearly know that oak or walnut are going to sell that much better. Therefore, imitation wood tile of various manufacturers looks as much alike, as the members of various sections of the Chinese Communist party do. 

Итальянская плитка под дерево. Фабрика АВК
АВК with its own version of imitation wood tile

There are only a few exceptions. We captured almost everything that was slightly bit interesting at the exhibit in the imitation wood tile category. Here, for instance, we have imitation wood tile from Portuguese Cinca. It is a bit textured and looks like a board deck. 

Плитка под дерево от португальской фабрики Cinca
  Imitation deck board tile from Cinca

This shiny wood is from Italian Cisa.

Плитка под дерево с блеском. Фабрика Cisa. Коллекция MyWood
Shiny imitation wood tile. Cisa factory

This collection contains completely urban looking decors. 

Декоры для плитки под дерево от фабрики Cisa, Коллекция MyWood
Imitation wood decors. Cisa factory. MyWood series.

This is Gamma Due, they also have wood decors.

Плитка под древо с декорами. Фабрика Gammadue
 Imitation wood tile with design. Gamma Due

Classical style decors from Tagina. This manufacturer generally likes to produce monumental type of tile for the bathrooms, with swirls and columns, therefore, no one would take them seriously if they did not have some type of swirls in the their imitation wood tile collection. 

Плитка под дерево. Tagina. Фотография с выставки Cersaie 2012
Imitation wood tile with a border. Tagina factory

This parquet floor is from Ceramiche Ricchetti factory. This collection is produced under Roberto Cavalli brand, even though, in the best case scenario, Roberto himself only had a bite to eat with the company director. Both collections’ development, as well as its production take place entirely at the Ricchetti factory. 

Плитка под паркет Roberto Cavalli. Ceramiche Ricchetti
 Imitation Roberto Cavalli brand tile, produced by Ceramiche Ricchetti

This is a Martian looking tile from APE factory.

Зеленая плитка под дерево. АPE
Imitation wood tile of inexplicable color. APE factory

Of course imitation wood tile wasn't the only strength that Cersaie exhibit participants displayed. Besides imitation wood tile, manufacturers produced a good number of imitation stone tile. You can see our photo review in the following link  Imitation stone tile. Cersaie 2012 photo review

Besides, manufacturers desplayed quite a lot of imitation cement tile and a lot of three dimensional decors

For those of you who did not read the very first and the most beautiful part of the photo review, we recommend that you following this link Cersaie 2012 photo review. Part I

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