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New from Cersaie 2012. Imitation stone tile - a photo review

This article is a continuation of our photo review of the Cersaie 2012 exhibition. To read the beginning of this report, please see Part I of the Cersaie 2012 photo review

Cersaie 2012 amazed everyone with the amount of tile that mimics stone, as no factory was left aside without putting their imitation stone tile onto every surface of the exhibition.

Плитка под камень фабрика Impronta стенд на выставке Cersaie
  Impronta Italgraniti booth welcomes its guests with a stone-like scale

Not only imitation stone tile be seen right when one entered, it was there on the way to the inside of the booth, spread all over its floor and solemnly hung on its walls.

Плитка под камень. Фотография стенда Naxos на выставке Cersaie 2012
 Imitation stone tile reigns over the Naxos booth

It was reflected in mirrors of every booth so you have nowhere to get away from it.

Плитка под камень La fabbrica Cersaie 2012 фото
 Imitation stone tile La Fabbrica

Some manufacturers that wanted to have a more elegant look, glued "stone" not on all of the walls of their booths, but only on small parts.

Кераморанит имитирующий камень.. Фабрика Cedir
Elegant imitation stone tiling from Cedir factory

Though they clearly expresses the idea that their tile can be used anywhere from kindergarten to a ballet hall.

Плитка Cedir. Новинка Cersaie 2012
Cedir assures that this tile will look great in any room

In reality, it wasn't easy to exhibit imitation stone tile at the beginning. Several years ago, tricky tile equipment manufacturers figured out how to make commercial photo printing on porcelain stoneware.  (See the article on  Photo-printing on tile) The result was that today, you can print almost anything on tile - from photos of the grandmother of the plant manager, to a photo of his grandfather's favorite sports team. So far these bright images do not come out very well, while dull and very detailed images turn out better. These are:

Керамогранит Tribeca фабрика Mirage
  Tribeca stoneware by Mirage

Sometimes, factories start to print sharp images using in more or less the same color palette (brown/black, gray/white, etc.).

Разная плитка под камень. Фотография с выставки Cersaie 2012
 Different color variations of imitation stone tiles. Mirage factory

To print such tile they must first hit some stone ruins, make a quality, high-resolution photo, break it up into many pieces, mix the pieces and print each one on tile. The new collection is distinguished from tile that was made earlier and also looked like stone by features of great image details and originality. Typically, no tile is repeated on an area of at least 3 square meters.

Плитка под камень фото. Фабрика Mirage
Four options of imitation stone tile from Mirage factory

Equipment manufacturers are rubbing their hands with pleasure: it's shameful not to have photo-printers and each year more and more new factories are hooked by greedy printer manufacturers.

отделка плиткой под камень стенда Pavigres на выставке Cersaie 2012
 Stone interior by Portuguese factory Pavigres

Photo printers are expensive and to get back the cost of them factories will have to produce imitation stone tile for many years to come.

Плитка под дикий камень фабрики Pastorelli

 Imitation stone tile from Pastorelli factory

The aim of industrial photo-printing was to create a variety of tile options, but in reality, this only led to the fact that now there is a bunch of similar tile on the market. After the end of a working day, will you be able to diffirintiate between ABK tile

Керамогранит под камень. Итальянская фабрика ABK. Фото
 Imitation stone tile from ABK

and Marazzi?

Плитка под камень Marazzi Italia
Imitation stone tile from Marazzi Italia

"Our production department told us that we can finally make dark imitation stoneware tile! It was not possible before!" - proudly stated Atlas Concorde managers at their booth. When we asked them why, they only shrugged their shoulders stating that they tried for three years and only now achieved this great capability. 

Плитка под натуральный камень. Фотопечать. Фабрика Atlas Concorde коллекция Marvel
 Imitation stone stoneware by Atlas Concord, from the Marvel collection

Not only Atlas Concorde now has dark imitation stone tile. 

Плитка для пола под камень. Tagina. Новинка 2012
 Imitation stone tile. Tagina


 Керамогранит под камень. Impronta. Фотография с выставки Cersaie 2012
New from Impronta

The Spanish are not any worse than the Italians and can also produce imitation stone tile. .

Напольная плитка под камень. Фабрика Porcelanosa. Фото с выставки Cersaie 2012
Floor imitaiton stone tile. Porcelanosa, Spain. Borneo collection

And also stick them on the floor, as well as on the walls

Настенная плитка под камень. Плитка Porcelanosa.
 Imitation stone wall tile from Porcelanosa.

Even Turkish manufacturers can produce imitation stone tile!

Плитка для стен под камень. Фабрика Graniser. Новинка выставки Cersaie 2012
Graniser factory, Turkey. Imitation stone tile

One of popular directions in bathroom design is to decorate the floor and walls with tile of the same shade, and if some manufacturers simply install stoneware on the floor and walls,

Интерьер ванной плитка под камень. Tagina.
Imitation stone bathroom interior. Фабрика Tagina

while others separately manufacture stoneware and tile of the same color palette. For example, Atlas Concorde includes six shades of imitation stone stoneware (each comes in eight sizes), six shades of tile in 2 sizes, approximately twenty types of decors and approximately thirty different borders and mosaics. And this is considering that this factory released 3 different imitation stone collections in 2012.

Плитка для стенд под камень. Фабрика Atlas Concorde. Новинка 2012. Коллекция Marvel
 Imitation stone wall tile from Atlas Concorde

And this is Saloni with its combination of imitation tile/stoneware in the same palette.

Настенная плитка под камень. Испанская фабрика Saloni. новинка выставки Cersaie 2012
Imitation stone bathroom. Interior from the Saloni factory . Resort collection.

In order to confuse everyone, the Spanish factory Saloni created Italian decors with views of Florence. 

Декоративное панно из плитки. Фабрика Saloni. Новинка выставки Cersaie 2012
    A decorative panel of the stone collection. The Saloni. factory

In general, imitation stone tile was everywhere!

Настенная плитка под камень. Фабрика Ceramica Magica
Ceramica Magica. Imitation stone tile

On the third day of the exhibition one could only remember the blue-bearded merchants in cylinders, watching you from the lacy frames of the stone booths.

Оформление стенда плиткой. Фабрика Novoceram. Фасадная плитка под камень
 French factory Novoceram booth


Плитка под камень. Новинка фабрики Apavisa. Cersaie 2012
 New from Apavisa


Фасадная плитка под камень. Керамогранит Fiordo. Cersaie 2012
Imitation stone decoration of the Fiordo booth 


Плитка под камень АВК. Фотография с выставки Cersaie 2012
 Imitation stone tile from АВК


Фотография плитки Ape. Пример интерьера.
 APE factory offered its own spin on imitation stone tile


Плитка для стенд под камень Atlas COncorde. Коллекция Marvel.
Imitation wall tile from Atlas Concorde


Керамогранит под камень. Коллекция Sunrock Atlas Concorde italia
 Imitation stone stoneware from Atlas Concorde


Плитка под камень. Новинка от фабрики Imola.
 Imitation stone tile. New from Imola.


новинка выставки Cersaie 2012 от фабрики La Fabbrica
 La Fabbrica with their look on imitation stoneware

Probably, the only manufacturer that deserves to be pointed out from the sea of imitation stone tile is Graniti Fiandre. We can say for sure that, today, the difference between stone and stoneware can be noticed by a professional, but Graniti Fiandre produces tile that cannot be easily differentiated from real stone. Usually, this difference can only be felt when this tile is touched, so you cannot see the difference in photos. 

Плитка под камень от Graniti Fiandre. Фотография с выставки Cersaie 2012
 Graniti Fiandre. Imitation stone

Only if on this photos. You can see for yourself the range, depth and clarity of colors. It's beautiful!

Плитка под камень от фабрики Graniti Fiandre. Фото павильона на выставке Cersaie
 Graniti Fiandre factory

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