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Experience 2013 - a contest on best project using Italon ceramic tile

Конкурс для дизайнеров Italon Experience Contest

ITALON has announced its first competition - Experience Contest 2013 - for the best project that uses its products.The contest goes on in two categories: ready private projects and ready commercial projects.

In the category of private projects, preference will be given to objects for mass housing - apartments, townhouses, cottages.

The commercial projects category will include office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, car dealerships, boutiques, restaurants, and so forth. 

You can apply to participate in this contest starting in December 31st, 2013 and winners will chosen from January 1st, 2014 to January 31st, 2014. Both physical and virtual projects can participate in the contest. Winners will be awarded during MosBuild 2014 exhibition in Moscow on April 15th, 2014 and will receive great prices and an opportunity to go to Italy and visit a specially designed course of seminars on design and architecture. Projects will be assessed by a jury, members of which will be famous specialists in the areas of design and architecture.

How to register to participate in Italon Experience Contest

In order to participate in the contest, you need to register at (you need to click on Experience 2013 contest tab), then login to the site with your private login and password information and fill out a participant form. To tell you honestly, the form doesn't yet function well and has not been translated into Russian, but we hope that Italon will fix this problem. You can participate in the contest for free.

The following projects are accepted as an application:

  • visualization;
  • illustrations;
  • photographs of projects that were already realized;
  • sketches;
  • a review that opens up the aesthetic idea of the project.

Each participant can only apply once to participate in the project. If the application is done by a group of people, then the group should name one participant that will be a representative at the contest.

Application rules

Project illustrations are a visual of the interior/exterior that show a complete notion of its space and color solutions.

  • A project should be shown with at least f5 (five) photographs, with corresponding names (Project_view1.jpg, Project_v2.jpg, и тд)
  • File format: *jpg, *eps, *tiff, *ai.
  • The size of graphic files (photos) should be 3000х2000 pixels, 72 dpi.

Italon reserves the right to request additional information on any project from participants. At the moment of application, the participant should have a current international  passport.

The geography of Italon Experience Contest

The contest will go on in the Russian Federation, with a separation of cities according to districts:
  • Moscow:
  • Central federal district:
  • North-Western federal district (including St. Petersburg):
  • Southern federal district (including the Southern Caucasus):
  • Pre-Volzhkiy federal district:
  • Ural federal district:
  • Siberian federal district (including the Far East):
  • The CIS countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).

Those candidates, whose works will be declared best in each region, will be invited to participate in the final stage of the contest.

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