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Portuguese factory Cinca has announced the release of a Russian version of its website

One of the leaders of Portugues ceramic tile producers - Cinca - has announced the Russian version of its website. As stated by the factory, is an innovative and user friendly site that is an easy and fast way to get all the information about the factory's products and plays a role of an interactive exhibition booth. Now Russian speakers can also use this resource.

Today, having 600 employees, CINCA owns 6 production units, including 2 factories that manufacture glazed and non-glazed stoneware, 1 factory that produces only large size stoneware, 2 factories that produce wall tile and 1 factory that has third bake and rectification technologies.

Besides, the company has another factory that produces extruded stoneware tile (kotto and clinker), the maximum production capabilities of which are 11 500 000 square meters per year, devided into 5 350 000 square meters of glazed and non-glazed stoneware, 4 800 000 square meters of walll and third baked tiles, and approximately 1 350 000 square meters of extruded tile.

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