Answers from Atlas Concorde to questions about ceramic tiles, part 3
28.03.2013 |
How many tile shades exist? Why are there black dots on red tile glaze? Can tiles be laid seamlessly? Do seamless tiles have a caliber? Why did spots remain after grouting? What does the arrow on the back of the tile mean? Answers from the Italian factory Atlas Concorde to common questions about ceramic tiles.
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Azulejo- portuguese ceramic tiles
14.03.2012 |
Azulejo tiles were first introduced to Portugal by the Moors in the 15 century, have been used for five centuries and are still very popular. You can find them on the walls of palaces, churches,museums, train stations, shops, bridges, subway stations and many other public buildings. The first tiles were glazed in a single color (most often blue) and decorated with geometric patterns but later became polychrome and different in the design. Azulejo tiles often show scenes from the history of the country or simply serve as street signs, nameplates, or house numbers
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How to drill ceramic tiles
07.03.2012 |
Learn how to drill ceramic tile, using the correct drill. Learn which instruments to use and how to do everything yourself in just treee basic steps
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Digital inkjet printing on ceramic tile
29.11.2010 |
A short journey to the world of digital inkjet printing on ceramic tile. Modern technologies, printing principles, equipment, dyes, problems and perspectives.
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Ceramics tile basics. Types of tiles, decorative borders, cornices, inserts, compositions
24.01.2012 |
It does not take much to turn a simple design into ellegant and stunning. All you need is mostly to add some decorative border, a decorated tile or a mural. It is always better to know al possibilities before making the final decision. In this article you will find the most common ceramic decoration you may use to transform your interior.
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How much does it costs to tile a bathroom? Part 1. Cheap tiles
28.12.2011 |
Whether the remodeling job is large or small it is always a good idea to know how much you will be spending. Do you know which bathroom tiles are the cheapest? You do not need to spend a month in the shops any more. Just read this article, with the list of the most popular cheap brands, prices per square meter and a guide for estimating the overall costs for the tiles in your bathroom
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Raised floors made by Atlas Concorde
18.11.2011 |
The raised fl oor is a “floating” flooring system in which the foot plan is not directly laid onto the ground but onto a suspended metallic structure. This allows for the creation of a gap or void between the footing and the fl oor, that is to say a feature that can be used to answer specifiс building needs and living comfort. Thanks to the partnership with leading companies in the sector, the raised floors created using Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware have been designed to solve, in a functional way, the problems associated with the contrast between the immutability of building structures and the evolving needs of those who live and work in them.
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Porcelain stoneware manufacturing process. Video by Italon, Atlas Concorde Group
18.01.2012 |
Ever wondered how porcelain stonewear is made? Here is a video by Italon showing all key steps in the production process.
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Imitation wood Xilema stoneware from Cisa
21.08.2011 |
Italian factory Cisa has introduced its new collection of imitation wood stoneware - Xilema. The printing was carried out using state of the art printers that truly translate the color and texture of wood. Those, who are very observant, can see on the surface this floor the tracks of a plane because Xilema tile has a special structured surface.
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Atlas Concorde: new series of ceramic tiles, video
13.04.2011 |
World leader in the ceramic tiles industry, Atlas Concorde presents its new range of tiles in a charming video.
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16.12.2005 |
Believe it or not, installing ceramic tile around a bathtub IS EASY. Even if you don't have any tile experience. All you need is patience and desire to do something yourself.
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20.12.2005 |
A complete DIY guide to laying and grouting mosaics with pictures.
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09.02.2012 |
Natural stone has been used as a flooring material for centuries over the world. It is beautiful, practical, stylish and creates a special feeling of space. Discover the important information about stones: what are the most popular types, surfaces, basic laying and maintenance nstructions
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