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The twentieth exhibition of global architecture by the Porcelanosa group
11.02.2013 |
This year, the Porcelanosa group did not participate in Cevisama, but held its own exhibition at its home base in Villareal. Porcelanosa, Venis, L’Antic Colonial, Urbatek, Noken, Butech,Gamadecor and Systempool showcased their products throughout the 13 500 square meters of exhibition space. The event has gathered a record 12 000 visitors.
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Italian tile at Maison & Objet 2013 exhibition
26.01.2013 |
Maison & Objet exhibition ended on January 22nd in Paris. The exhibition is a grand parade of the latest achievements in the field of interior design. twenty three Italian tile, mosaic and stone manufacturing companies participated in Maison & Objet. This article is a short photo report of the exhibition.
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The 31st international exhibition Cevisama 2013 will open from February 5th to February 8th
30.01.2013 |
The 31st international exhibition dedicated to ceramic tile and bathroom and kitchen equipment - Cevisama 2013 - will open from February 5th to February 8th in the Valencian exhibit center Feria Valencia. Last year, the exhibition was attended by 780 companies, with the number of visitors being over 71 000.
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Cersaie 2012 Logo
20.03.2013 |
We’ve already written about a logo contest for Cersaie 2012. Many of our readers took part in this poll. So which one of the pieces was chosen?
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Cersaie 2013 logo has been chosen
23.03.2013 |
Cersaie is one of the largest annual exhibitions of ceramic tile and bathroom equipment that goes on each fall in Bologna, Italy. Each year, a new logo is chosen for the exhibition and this year, its author is a student of ISIA Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche in Faenza – Luigi Capraro
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Ceramic tile at the I Saloni exhibition at Crocus expo
11.10.2012 |
Moscow exhibition I Saloni will open its doors from October 10th till October 13th at Crocus Expo. Among other exponents, there will be 14 Italian ceramic tile and mosaic manufacturers.
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Cersaie 2011 photo report. Part I. Flower novelties
02.12.2011 |
Each year, the largest international exhibition of tile design - Cersaie - is hosted in Bologna, Italy. Thousands of tile manufacturers present their products at the exhibition, while large distributors, leading designers and most authoritative architects from around the world take part as guests. See our photo report about the latest novelties in tile
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Is it worth going to Cersaie
15.10.2007 |
To become a business visitor at one of the most popular ceramic tile exhibits in the world it costs 10 euro if you are Italian and is free for everyone else. It’s impossible to see all of Cersaie in a day or even two. We would even say that walking around the fair is an activity suitable only for the brave few, who are strong both spiritually and physically, who do not give in under the 10 kilo weight of catalog boxes
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Cersaie. What you can see at the exhibition
15.10.2007 |
What you can see at Cersaie? Trends of the 2007-2008 season with photos
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Vote for the best CERSAIE 2012 logo and poster
04.08.2011 |
Organizers of one of the leading international exhibitions of ceramic tile and bathroom equipment - Cersaie, which goes on in Bologna, Italy each year - have announced that they are starting to take your vote on the best logo and poster for Cersaie 2012. Results will be announced September 22nd, 2011 at the exhibition itself. Cast your vote!
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CERSAIE'12 App for iPad, iPhone and Android from Tiles of Spain
20.09.2012 |
The Association of Spanish producers of ceramic tile Tiles of Spain has released an application called CERSAIE'12 for iPad, iPhone, and Android, that contains information on all of the Spanish participants of Cersaie exhibition
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Spanish ceramic tile industry: sales in 2011
08.02.2012 |
Spain is the second biggest exporter of ceramic tiles in Europe, and the third in the world. Find the latest sales volumes, provided by the Tiles of Spain Assoiation
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Cersaie 2011 review. Part 1. Accent on flowers
02.12.2011 |
Cersaie is the main international showcase for the ceramics and bathroom fittings sectors. This year, apart from reigning digital printing on ceramic tiles we saw a lot of flower decors. Big, small, colourful, black & white - really, there were all kind of flowers you can imagine. Continue reading to see them all and discover the lates trends in the design of the ceramic tiles
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New Cersaie 2012 logo
17.11.2011 |
The image for the 30th edition of the show, the most important exhibition in the world for its two product sectors, was created by Grazia Piccininno, a student attending the degree course in Event Design, Management and Communication at the University of Genoa’s architecture faculty. A simple but powerful idea that underscores ceramic tile’s increasingly important ability to adapt to the most varied demands of the market, the poster design originates from the competition “Beautiful Ideas”. Find out how it looks like!
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