TILELOOK is a new social network for ceramic tiles industry
Section: Innovations
TILELOOK is a new network for this industry, an open platform where anyone who is interested in tiles, bathrooms or kitchens, can register and get a full range of the coolest products around. If like me, you are mostly interested in checking out the latest collections that the Spanish and Italian Manufactures will have on show at their booths, then it is most probable you will find these same products on TILELOOK already
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Ceramics of Italy at Batimat Russia 2015
Section: Exhibitions
At its meeting on 8 July, the Confindustria Ceramica Executive Board ratified the agreement between the association, its service company Edi.Cer. Spa and the Batimat Russia management company Media Globe – Crocus regarding the participation of Ceramics of Italy in the Russian construction sector trade fair, which will be held in late March 2015 in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow.
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Iris - GranitiFiandre is going to build a stategic plant to produce porcelain tile slabs in Stupino
Section: Events
As stated by Federica Minozzi during the official meeting between the two mayors, the IRIS-GRANITIFIANDRE group has created contacts with Stupino, a town in the Stupinsky district of Moscow Oblast, in the middle of European Russia. These new relationships are aimed to identify a land on which build a stategic plant to produce porcelain tile slabs – the top products of the group under the guidance of Romano Minozzi
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Italian tiles at I Saloni Worldwide Moscow 2013
Section: Exhibitions
Under the umbrella of the Ceramics of Italy mark, Edi.Cer and the Italian Trade Promotion Agency ICE are organising the participation of twenty ceramic companies at Crocus Expo in Moscow, 19 of which will be hosted in a collective stand. This will be a major opportunity to promote contacts between the Italian ceramic industry and Russian interior design and decoration professionals
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Cersaie 2013 results
Section: Exhibitions
With an average attendance of 20,000 visitors a day on each of the five days of the show, half of whom were from outside Italy, Cersaie 2013 maintained the exhibition’s international appeal and its role as a leading global trade fair for the ceramic tile and bathroom furnishing sectors. The commercial side of the event was complemented by the broad cultural programme of “building, dwelling, thinking”, by the practical demonstrations staged in “Tiling Town”, and by the free consulting service offered to the general public in “Cersaie designs your home”.
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Tile in Russian Architecture. A photo review of the exhibition at Shusev National Museum of Architecture
Section: Tile Info
An exhibition named "Tile in Russian Architecture" was opened at the Shusev National Museum of Architecture on April 19th, showing most interesting pieces dated 17th to the 20th centuries. Among the exhibits, you can see a lion's head, made according to Vrubel's sketches, three decorative panels, created in the 1890's by the famous ceramic and faience products group of M.S. Kuznetsov, and much more. This is the first time that the Foundation of construction materials of Shusev National Museum of Architecture, which is very well known to specialists in the field, is exhibiting as an independent entity.
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MosBuild - second day:  a visit from Slava Zaitsev and other happenings
Section: Exhibitions
The highlights of the second day of the Mosbuild exhibition, Ceramics section, include the award ceremony for the best project competition from the Tile of Spain pavilion, a visit by Slava Zaitsev to the Fiesta Keramika booth, award of a certificate of excellence to the best importer of Italian tile at the Ceramics of Italy booth, and others.
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A conference dedicated to ceramic tile market took place at MosBuild
Section: Exhibitions
On April 16, a conference on "Development of ceramic tile in Russia. Trends and Prospects" took place as part of MosBuild business program, The conference was attended by Russian and foreign reporters.
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Why do we need street tile?
Section: Tile Info
Is street tile good or bad? Is it just an excuse to spend municipal money, or is it truly good for city planning? Today, we will show you a video from a Dutch town of Middelburg, where Maxim Katz shows several ways to use tile in order to improve city life.
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Sunrock collection – sunny Italian stoneware Sunrock collection – sunny Italian stoneware

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