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APICER - Ассоциация португальской индустрии керамики

Ассоциация португальской индустрии керамики
Рубрикатор компаний:Ассоциации производителей плитки
Адрес:Rua Coronel Veiga Simão, Edif. C, 3020-053 Coimbra
Телефоны:239 497 600
Факс:239 497 601
Email:Контактная форма
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With published regulation in BTE nº3-3º Series of 15/02/1997, APICER has three fundamental sides

• In the institutional level, we present ourselves as available and our relations are in reciprocity.

• In the level of our associates, we are trying to be useful and necessary to the best management of the companies, assuming our own credibility with rule and competence with the purpose of defending the Portuguese ceramics interests.
Therefore, we have the best consideration for the related ceramic industries.

• At the public society level, we propose to inform more so that you can know better the ceramic industry and what is produced. We believe that, by knowing us better, you will know why the tradition we have in this sector is not synonymous of antique but assurance and symbol of continuity that we are proud to use in the present and transmit to the future.

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