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ASCER - Ассоциация испанских производителей керамической плитки

Ассоциация испанских производителей керамической плитки
Рубрикатор компаний:Ассоциации производителей плитки
Адрес:Ginjols, 3, Castellón (Spain)
Телефоны:+34 964 727 200
Факс:+34 964 727 212
Email:Контактная форма
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ASCER is considered to be an organization that provides support, defends and promotes the general and common interests of the ceramic industry. Its activities are defined by the convenience or need to act jointly in those fields in which companies, on their own, cannot successfully perform certain acts, or may do so at high costs.

As the matters dealt with are specific and occasional, joint action requires great functional flexibility that allows to effectively respond to the constant changes of the environment. Thus, functional flexibility is the main denominator of the type of work performed by the Association.

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